BGP Add-Paths

SEACOM supports BGP Multipath, aided by BGP Add-Paths, across all our markets.

This applies to both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.

  • If you are an existing SEACOM IP Transit customer that is multi-homed to us anywhere in our network (same site, same node, different site, different nodes), you should already see ingress traffic to your service links with us where there would not previously have been.
  • As long as you are announcing your BGP paths to us consistently across all links you have with us, you will be able to ingress traffic from us on all your links without needing to do anything else on your end.
  • While we support this new capability, it does not negate our LOCAL_PREF BGP communities ( that were previously designed to help achieve the same goal for multi-homed customers. In fact, depending on how creative you want to be, you can combine our LOCAL_PREF BGP communities with our BGP Multipath capability to achieve fine-grained control of how we deliver your traffic across all the links you have with us, while still load sharing equally on each of them. That said, if ingress equal load sharing is your goal, you don’t need to mess about with our LOCAL_PREF BGP communities. Our BGP Multipath capability will see all your BGP paths, and load share traffic equally to them, regardless of where you interconnect with us.
  • To bring this full circle, if you are in a position to support BGP Multipath on your end as well, you can very easily load share egress traffic toward SEACOM across all the links you have with us, without the need for trickery such as eBGP Multi-Hop. If you have a small-to-medium sized network, you may not even require BGP Add-Paths… just BGP Multipath will be more than sufficient.
  • For those with whom we have multiple peering sessions, either across multiple exchange points, multiple PNI’s, or a combination of both, you will also be able to enjoy the same capability, as it also extends to our peering relationships.